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IT Outsourcing China is a notable firm that mainly specializes in designing and drafting for the sections and constituent of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry. We are a team of well-versed and certified engineers and technicians take care of a large number of projects that span from Mega structure project to minor improvisation in the drawing.

We gradually exploring the organization into an overseas market with high-quality services. Fire Protection System always need a proper planning simultaneously with a blueprint that comes out in the form of drawing. Whenever a house or building is made, the first section to take care is fire protection. Before looking into various Fire protection plan, firstly a quick glimpse into Fire protection is needed. By and large Fire protection is the preventive measures taken to avoid the fire by turning it into destructive.

In the scenario of Fire protection, three essential ground for executing fire protection measures. A fire protection process requires to dealing with numerous variable. Fire Protection is an essential and conventional task that require a proper Fire Fighting Planning. Each of the Fire Protection systems has its own unique design and methodology that is custom designed with applicable codes, time and monetary limit as determined by a client as well as the national and international regulations.

Our team of engineers and project managers works closely with clients providing them with a detailed understanding of every undertaken project and benefits of choosing the particular system type. For more information on Fire Plan Drawings, kindly connect with us on info itoutsourcingchina.

Fire Plan Drawings IT Outsourcing China is a notable firm that mainly specializes in designing and drafting for the sections and constituent of Architectural, Engineering, and Construction Industry. In the scenario of Fire protection, three essential ground for executing fire protection measures- Cause of fire Fire Extinguishing Techniques Uses of Detection and Extinguishing Equipment Rules and Regulation for Building Construction Manual or Automatic Detection of fire Design of Building Use of fire resistance in construction Provision for isolating fire A fire protection process requires to dealing with numerous variable.Draw in 2D and get all the 3D Automatically.

Fine FIRE includes all the tools you need to draw the building in 2D or 3D but if you don't need it you can simply insert a 2D DWG drawing of the floor plan to use it as a background and focus on the fire fighting installation. You can also use our CAD features to quickly draw some walls.

Drawing the building in 3D with BIM objects is not required to proceed to the piping calculations but you can also do it in a few clicks.

fire fighting shop drawings pdf

Calculation and design are independent modules : if you have a simple project you may like to use only the calculation module to enter just the data in a table and proceed to the calculations.

If you feel like drawing the building in 3D you simply need to focus on floor plans using the intelligent and parametric objects of the AutoBLD menu.

You can define walls, openings, slabs, stairs and more with just a few clicks and Fine FIRE will build the 3D for you.

A simple double-click on any object will display its properties for modification. You have all the required tools to create or modify the BIM model without using any other external software. Alternatively you can also open a project created with any other 4M BIM Software and will not have to draw the building. Sharing 2D or 3D files with other professionals is therefore much easier.

You get 2 software in one, your can keep using CAD to edit some DWG drawings while using our BIM technology to increase your productivity when working on most of your projects. At least you can feel safe and migrate to BIM at your own pace. Intelligent Fire Fighting Design. Unlike in other BIM software, Fine FIRE's modern BIM technology does not come at the expense of speed, it is just the opposite: you just need to draw a few single lines and the software will do the rest.

Extensive libraries of Elements and fittings. Fine FIRE includes extensive libraries of sprinklers, fire hose receptors, pipes, fittings and any other equipment necessary to define the fire fighting network.

All these libraries can also be extended by the user who can change the symbols and add more components. Piping Design Autorouting. Pipes can be drawn with simple commands just polylines but you can also take advantage of some expert routing commands like "Pipes Parallel to Wall" or "automatically connected to the sprinklers" to speed up the process. Update Drawing from Calculation.

After performing the calculations you will update the drawing from the calculation module and insert labels in the floor plans showing the results and details you would like to display about each component. Pipes diameter will be calculated and pipes will be resized in the design.

Fine FIRE will also help you to create automatically the legend of your symbols and of course to generate all the technical drawings like the vertical diagrams of your fire fighting installations.

Calculate your Fire Fighting Installations. Calculate from the drawing. The pipe networks are recognized and transferred into the calculation sheets. You may also modify these data if you want for example to anticipate a future extension of the network.Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc.

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Firefighting Project Shop Drawings, Fire Sprinkler SD Layouts

Features a twist-lock handle. Designed for operating valves from top-mount operators panel. Includes, and pre-assembled. File Size: Please click here to request a paper copy. Dimensional Drawing.

fire fighting shop drawings pdf

Dimensional Drawing - XD. Dimensional Drawing - Chief XD. Dimensional Drawing - XD Playpipe. Product: XD Playpipe Version: 2.

Dimensional Drawing - XD Shutoffs. Parts Drawing.

Sample Drawings

Parts Drawing - B Ball Shut-offs. Parts Drawing - Chief. Parts Drawing - XD Playpipe. Parts Drawing - XD Shutoffs. Parts Drawing - A. Foam Eductor - Portable Parts Drawing - In-Line. Parts Drawing - In-Line Drawings: Parts Drawing. Product Description: rev.

Assembly Drawing. BrushHawk Dimensional Drawing. BrushHawk Joystick Dimensional Drawing. BrushHawk Joystick Model.

BrushHawk Parts Drawing. Control Components Layout. Product: Stinger 2. Dimensional Drawing - SDX2. Dimensional Drawing - X2. Dimensional Drawing - Nitro HD. Dimensional Drawings - SDX2. Drawings: Dimensional Drawing.Elkhart Brass Manufacturing Company, Inc. Skip to content. Includes instructions for both square drive actuators and old style round drive actuators. Including calibration and symptom checks. Please click here to request a paper copy. Product Description: Oscillating R.

Chief XD Manual. Foam Expansion Tubes - Handline Nozzles. Glow Bumper. Nozzle and Ball Shut-off seat adjustment and replacement instructions for handline nozzles.

Select-O-Flow Instructions.

fire fighting shop drawings pdf

Portable Foam Eductors. Installation, Operation, and Maintenance instructions for the 84 and G butterfly valve. Big Stick Monitor Instructions. BrushHawk Manual. Copperhead IV. Copperhead New Style Kit. Giant Python Manual. Hydrant Mount - Stingray. Manual Elevated. Manual Extender Manual. Monitor Accessory - Extender. Nitro HD Manual. Python Manual. Scorpion Electric.

Scorpion Electric - Scorpion Manual - Sidewinder Manual.System Drawings and Plans without the need to download, install or learn any software or CAD programs. We produce submittal drawings for EVERY brand of pre-engineered industrial dry chemical fire suppression system available in North America. Our talented team can even provide custom solutions to help solve your more challenging situations.

You guys are awesome! We were able to pass out Final Inspection this morning because of you. They have super fast turn around time and even fix and find mistakes we might have made on our drawings I highly recommend them. You guys do such a great job and always get them to me quickly. Contact us today to get more info on how we can assist you in preparing your Fire System Drawings and Submital packages. More Info Quick Turn Around Typically 3 to 4 days with expedited services available.

Experienced Over 35 years of experience and thousands of drawings. Our Services We do all the work You Take all the credit. Custom Services Our talented team can even provide custom solutions to help solve your more challenging situations. Recent Projects. Testimonials What our clients are saying You guys are tremendous! Plans look great!

Thank you for the quick work. Rock Star Status!!!! Thank you for the quick turn around!!!! They look Great!!!! Brian Knight Arapahoe Fire.

Is there anything you can't do??? Thanks a bunch!

fire fighting shop drawings pdf

Imfeld Cloutier Fire Protection. Get Started Today - Give us a try Contact Us.Automatic Wet System :It is a system that is attached to a water supply capable of supplying the system demand at all fires and that requires no action other than opening a hose valve to provide water at hose connection. System Components. Network of pipes.

Standard Drawings & Details, STD-342-400

Landing Valves. Pressure reducing valves. Air release valve. Minimum pressure of stand pipe. Hydraulically designed to provide 10 GPM Hose reel connection. Hydraulically designed to provide GPM Fire hose connection. Storage and handling. The pipes will be stacked in the site store on a flat surface at a height not exceeding 1. Fittings will be separately packed and stored as per the sizes required for the project.

General Piping Installation Guidelines. Pipe work shall be installed in accordance with the piping general arrangements and their supporting drawings, specifications and schedules. Installation of pipe work shall be carried out under conditions satisfactory to the contractor. All work performed and completed must meet the approval of the contractor. Scheduling of work to carry out the installation of pipe work shall be agreed and to the satisfaction of the contractor and shall be co-coordinated with the work schedules of other trades and disciplines involved in the overall construction.

Installation of pipes. Run all piping as direct as possible, avoiding unnecessary offsets and conceal piping in finished rooms. Groove can be made Cut groove or Roll groove. Make tee connections with standard tee fittings for full size branches. All piping must be rigidly supported by a combination network comprised of pipe hangers and rigid support brackets.

Check cabinets are approved size and dimension. Inspect for signs of damage. Locate exact location of these Cabinets as per approved shop drawings and with careful measure of elevation and plumb. Fix cabinet using recommended Rawl anchor bolts bolts.

Proceed with installation of accessories, lock shield valve, landing valves, etc. Installation of Breaching Inlet. Locate Breaching inlet cabinet and its accessories as shown on the shop drawing near the main entrance of the building for Civil defence inject water in to the system in case of emergency.Convenience stores will hit their peak.

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Kitchen Fire Suppression System Drawings

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Fire Fighting - How to Calculate Fire Pump and Jockey Pump Capacity in Fire Fighting System

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