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This is it right here. Pure, unadulterated car culture. This is what being into cars is all about. Working on projects, experimenting, learning along the way and at the end — after months or even years of hardship and tribulation — completing a one-of-a-kind creation. A few trips to Scandinavia and Gatebil events will quickly make you realise that there are two very distinct ways of building up cars.

Suddenly, selecting upgrades out of a catalogue becomes trivial, almost akin to taking a shortcut to boost power and performance. It was about 10 months ago that Filip got to work on his Volvo Amazon. But for this project he wanted to step it up and take it all the way. He set himself a bit of a challenge — the aim to finish it all before his wife would give birth to his daughter.

Okay, so that gave him nine months I hear you say — plenty of time to dedicate to a home-built project, especially if you take into account how long and dark the winters are in Sweden where Filip is from, right? Having had a few issues with traction in his previous Amazon, he was quite interested in experimenting with all-wheel drive.

Fast forward nine months and Filip had put the finishing touches on the machine he likes to call the Super Amazon — a powerful all-wheel drive Frankenstein of a car that he even managed to get road registered in Sweden.

Since I run the exact same Brembo brakes on my car, the gold callipers were something I actually noticed straight away, and instantly put two and two together. Filip must have ripped the entire driveline and engine out of a Skyline GT-R — a pretty cool idea I thought — and one that would easily give him all the benefits of AWD, as well as the potential for big power. With a little confusion I just had to have Filip explain what I was seeing, because even by Gatebil standards this is next level stuff.

The need for decent power dictated that the engine would have to be pretty big, but at the same time reliability was also a concern. This is the same engine that used to power the i and i — not the most sporty of motors — but silky smooth and decently torquey.

A good start then, but one that required a little boost to reach the power figures that Filip was aiming for. The externally wastegated, race-spec turbocharger supplies enough boost to turn this V8-powered Amazon from something pretty interesting to something outright ballistic.

Seeing the engine has been kept stock, Filip ramps up the boost through the gears so as not place too much stress on the internals, something achieved via the MaxxECU and its boost control function.

Boost is limited to 0. Power is channeled to the rest of the driveline via a stock BNR32 five-speed transmission along with a beefy upgraded clutch. Here is a detail of the front structure and the boxed suspension top mounts. As we saw further up, seeing the lack of space up front the radiator had to be relocated to the trunk where it sits in a slightly tilted position with its own shroud.Inspired by American, British and Italian cars and designed by the then year-old Jan Wilsgaard, the Volvo Amazon debuted in the first weekend of September, Originally spelled "Amason," the car's name was changed to the more internationally recognized spelling prior to the launch of production in Unfortunately for the Swedish, the German motorcycle manufacturer Kreidler also happened to launch a moped called Amazone at the same time, which meant the name was unavailable in a number of key markets.

Between andall cars featured a two-tone exterior. The combinations on offer were black, midnight blue or ruby red bodies with a light grey roof, or a light grey body with a black roof. Fromit became possible to buy a monochrome Amazon orwith being the final year for the two-tone cars. The Amazon Sport debuted in with twin SU carburetors and a high-performance camshaft, boosting the four-cylinder's output to 85 horsepower.

Later on, there were also plans to put a V8 in the car, which would have been an evolved version of a truck engine. Five prototypes were said to have been built, but in the end Volvo's management decided against a V8 offering. For the second time. While Volvo patented the three-point seatbelt in and made it standard in the Amazon straight away, the cars also got faster thanks to the Swedish Police, who ordered a fleet of special rides with power disc brakes, radial tires, rear window defroster and a button by the steering wheel connecting the windshield washer with the fastest wiper setting.

volvo amazon v8

Volvo put some of these features into series production not long after. Inthe wagon versioned joined the four-door, followed by the opening of Volvo's first foreign factory in Halifax, Canada.

Later, an assembly plant was also opened in Durban, South Africa. However, Volvo's biggest investment was in the Belgian city of Ghent. As Sweden was outside of what was then the European Economic Community a precursor of the European Unionit was important to get a foot inside the European customs union.

The Volvo Owner's Resource.

Inthe factory opened with an initial capacity of 14, cars per year. Inthe Amazon got the new engine from the PS. Called the GT, if offered horsepower and overdrive. It also had its side mirrors attached to the front fenders, extra lights and a tachometer mounted to the top of the dashboard, just like on Carl-Magnus Skogh's Acropolis Rally-winning S in Volvo kept building Amazons despite launching the series in Both the Amazon and the got the new B20 engine for their respective models, with the last Amazon rolling of the line in Sweden in after a run ofunits.

That car is part of the Volvo Museum's collection. What's fascinating is that around 8 percent of the approximatelyAmazons sold in Sweden are still around, with 24, of them still registered today. The most popular seems to be the model year, of which 4, are out there showing minimal moose damage.

Volvo has been Sweden's number one car brand sincewith a current market share of over 30 percent. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. We Don't Know Kyle Larson.Rover V8 4. Hello aluminum V8 aficionados. I will be happy to do an intro as well but I have several questions with pictures so I did not want to waste space in the intro thread. My name is Rolf and I live on the US west coast.

It is finally time to give my Volvo Amazon wagon some attention. I need more power don't we all? It was built in had a warmed up Buick V8. My Volvo is a wagon but I think that makes it even more interesting. The owner was talked in to a diesel conversion by his British friend and Rover mechanic.

The owner claims it was running just fine when pulled about 6 mo ago and the car had K miles on it. I see that some folks have been successful with Megasquirt but it looks like a lot of trial and error. I will probably just convert to a regular manifold and a carburetor or possibly a FI throttle body system. So here we go: Will the aftermarket carb manifolds fit the 4. I assume this is some head gasket seeping? Should I resurface the heads when I blow it apart?

I found 3 gaskets on one side and two on the other. Is this normal or is this someone compensating for a warped manifold? I assume the tube that goes over the right side valve cover is for the heater, but only one is connected to the engine. It just goes straight down. Also, the two oil hoses that comes off the olf filter housing, where do they go to?If you would like to order an engine, the fall is the time.

Between November and April we get most of our engine building done, or at least plan to, so we need to get orders in before the end of the year. After the end of the summer and racing season, parts tend to be more readily available, the machine shops that we work with have more time to catch up, and custom made parts take less time from time of order to delivery.

So let us know ASAP if you would a street or racing engine for next spring - before we have too many orders and too little time left.

volvo amazon v8

Unfortunately, due to increases in parts cost, there will be price increases for orders placed in Shown below are some of our chassis dyno - rolling road - test sessions. In the last 10 years one of the biggest changes here at VPD has been the increased power available from our normally aspirated engines.

Then our supercharger kit made it possible to have over HP on an otherwised stock engine and well over HP on the street with a modified B On race engines, the larger displacement will produce well over HP, though, as I continually emphasize, a broad power band is more important in any application than peak HP. As in the past, we continue to provide an engine building service to meet your street, rally and race needs based on over 25 years of experience in these areas. We can rebuild your engine to your custom specifications or supply one based on one of the engine packages outlined below.

Engines are available from stock rebuilds to full-out8, RPM race engines. Check the price list for most recent prices and options. E-mail for additional details. Individual parts can be supplied to assist you in building your own engine, but we are not a parts house and prefer to supply complete systems for best results.

We believe in a matched systems approach where the selection of each part in the system depends on the others, and a good match is the key to satisfying performance. This approach is reflected in all of our engines, component kits and our Street Performance Tuning Kit - systems of components designed and matched in such a way that the individual results far exceed what could be achieved throug a seemingly similar combination of individual parts selected by a car owner without the benefit of extensive systematic testing.

Quick Recommendation:. For normal street driving in a Volvo,orour Streeet Performance Engine will meet most needs.

2500HP+ Twin Turbo Volvo Amazon at Santa Pod Raceway

For those who want something more, the 2. It incorporates a significant increase in displacement with a race quality bottom end, tuned as a street engine for torque and a broad power band.

A Brief History of the Volvo Amazon – Everything You Need To Know

See details on all of our engines below. While others are still building Volvo engines using the same stock components that have been used for over 40 years, many of our engines are completely redesigned internally. The cranks are either replaced or custom ground to our specifications with modified rod bearing sizes.

Longer, lighter, stronger rods with smaller, lighter pins are used. We use custom made forged pistons in many or our engines, lighter and stronger than the stock pistons. Lighter components reduce rotating mass and reduce engine vibrations, resulting in quicker acceleration, smoother operation and more power.

Stock B20 engines are oversquare with an 89 mm bore and 80 mm stroke. Many of our redesigned engines use a longer stroke and a closer to square bore to stroke ratio, which helps to produce more low end torque and broader power bands.

Add these changes to our ported heads and custom cams and you basically have an engine of completely new design. The most recent adjustments may not be posted below. Balanced, with our Type II performance ported head, our Street Performance cam, stock type cast pistons.

It retains the long term reliability and broad power band you are used to, but with approx. With proper exhaust and intake, expect power in the - HP range.

An upgrade from the Street Performance Engine described above, this is our recommended high performance engine designed to take the higher stresses of supercharged, turbocharged, track day, or high RPM applications - with forged pistons specific to each application, ARP rod bolts and head studs, align bored, decked, balanced, custom ground Street Performance, Supercharger or Targa cam. Available in an enhanced version with custom sized Crower rods that makes it into a true high performance engine, perfect for rally use.

In addition to providing a stronger rod capable of higher sustained rpm use, using a custom rod gives us the advantage of being able to set our own rod and piston dimensions. The result is a more efficient, race strength engine designed for street use. Bore sizes of. Blocks used in this, and all of our 92 mm bore engines are selected for their thicker walls to assure sufficient strength after the overbore.The official Volvo site can be found here.

Free Advice Since AWD Volvo transmission fluid leak. Louis city, MO - Posted am. V8 Feeler: V8 Volvo for sale? The BrickBoard is a unique site custom built exclusively for folks who love their Volvos: great forums, spam free, anonymous posting, anonymous email to protect you from spam, and most of all great people.

Need help with your classic Volvo? Post a question to the RWD forum. Need help with your newer Volvo? Post a question to the AWD forum. You've obviously cracked more than one or two IACs open in your time and given them a fair bit of thought. Your discussion gives me a rare opportunity to add my own thoughts developed after cracking open a couple of IACs many years ago.

I posted them here many, many years ago buried in a reply that didn't make it into the archives. Some may dispute my conjectures here, but I hope you find them interesting nonetheless. So these are a couple of tricks I've used to temp Most likely reason for fuse 5 to blow in an M47 car is the insulation has fallen off of the wiring to the backup light switch. Check the wiring underneath, and maybe disconnect the blue wires from the back of the fuse panel at the fuse 5 terminal to see which one kicks the fuse and leave it disconnected.

Then be sure your turn signals still work and maybe you can wait for better weather to replace the wiring to the backup light switch. Sorry, this is a lousy job. The rear calipers, rotors and pads are about the only things that didn't change. Here's the story as best I can determine and recall. There, your backing plates, calipers, and hubs are different, but no differences are listed for the rear wheel brakes.

Still, too much air passing the throttle would indeed cause the idle to be high, whether past the plate or bypassed through the idle valve. The gradual rise would occur normally in any case where the air is not getting regulated by a warm-up response of engine control feedback, such as the RPM-adjusted idle valve. So, the approach I'm recommending is, first, determine if the ECU is aware that the I'm hoping to turn off the old server today.

For Sale: 1967 Volvo Amazon with Turbo BMW V8

If you hover over emails, you can see that the anonymous email system has changed. There are some small changes to the messages, but I'll try to make them familiar and improve as needed.

For the computer techies, I'm switching to fully platform PaaS based handling. I moved everything to python code, which wi I agree with that to a certain extent.

volvo amazon v8

Yes, a water pump and timing belt on a FWD Volvo is a bit more of a challenge than a red-block model. But I counter with the argument that 1. It's still not rocket science and 2. What you give up Colder or Warmer Months? In winter, use methanol rather than ispopropanol in your window cleaner solutions.Nonis had started on his Amazon wagon project, stripping it down and converting it from a four-door to a two-door.

The car was never completed and never ran. The amount of work left to do was just too overwhelming. Weather, family, house, etc. Well, not really, given his background in fabrication work.

In Seattle.

The AWD, Turbo V8, Volvo Super Amazon

Just about all the fabrication happened in my driveway. Nonis originally wanted to find a Volvo that would work to keep it in the family, but nothing quite lined up. He also wanted something that was rear-wheel-drive, with a manual transmission and ample aftermarket support. What he found was a BMW E30 convertible for sale on on Facebook that had already started to be parted out. Would you have ever guessed that a BMW i would be similar in size to an old Amazon wagon?

Me neither, but its measurements—both in wheelbase and from pinch weld to pinch weld—lined up well enough that this became the car. Best of all, what was left of the E30 still ran, making it the perfect base for the Volvo. He took some vacation time from his job to kick-start the project, and then went to town. Then he started the process of joining the two cars together. While the BMW was almost the right size— almost is the key word there.

Nonis then built his own front coilovers using Corrado inserts in shortened housings to work with the custom front end. A set of eBay universal pillowball camber plates were used at the top.

So, he fabricated thosetoo, and adapted a Subaru hood latch to work with the car. The gas tank also presented a significant challenge, as the fuel filler neck was located on the other side of the car on the E So, Nonis fabricated a custom LED taillight that flips up and houses a new fuel filler neck. Other parts came together far better than Nonis would have ever expected, as he explained to Jalopnik:. The E30 wiper assembly lives in the engine bay, but the Amazon assembly is inside the vehicle.

Turns out the wiper motors are almost identical so I was able to swap the BMW motor onto the Volvo mechanism, then just fish the wiring into the car, hook it up and it all functions.

Intermittent and all. The swap left Nonis with a running, driving Amazon wagon that hardly looks like more than just a engine swap. After five years of it sitting with no progress, he was able to drive it just four months after putting the wagon body on top of the E Making ductwork for defrost, making room for the instrument cluster etc.

He modified a set of Volkswagen R32 front seats to work on the stock BMW seat mounts and fit in the car, as the mounts that came with the seats were too wide to fit. A customized center console based on the stock E30 parts is also going in the middle—complete with E46 cupholders set into the top.

Initially, the E30 came with an intermittent no-start issue and a slight miss, but those have since been remedied. A full-width radiator was swapped in using custom mounts after he noticed the original one had a small crack. The existing exhaust was a heavy hot mess of piping, so Nonis simply fabricated his own our of aluminum.

Additionally, Nonis looked at some clever upgrades as well.The Volvo B36 is a petrol V8 automobile engine designed and built by Volvo. It first appeared in a concept car inand was later used in Volvo's truck line from to In Volvo unveiled a concept car called the Volvo Philip.

This American-style sedan was powered by a newly designed prototype V8 engine called the B8B. In Marchshortly after the end of production of the large PV model, Volvo started work on internal Project Volvo revisited the idea of a V8-powered passenger car again later with the Volvo Amazon. For the first exercise, called "Project Victor", five copies of a revised B36 called the C8B were built. Versions of the B36 were used in products from Volvo's Penta marine propulsion division.

volvo amazon v8

The engine block and cylinder heads are made of cast iron. The cylinder firing order is: Cylinder bore diameter is The original compression ratio is 7. The intake manifold and a two barrel Carter carburetor are centrally located between the cylinder banks. Because the B36 had exactly the same bore and stroke dimensions as the later B18 and the two engines also have some valve-train parts in common, some suggest that the B18 is one-half of the B36 V8. Also, while the B36 cylinder heads are of the crossflow type, the B18 has both intake and exhaust ports on the same side.

Due to these differences others assert that the engines are for the most part separate designs. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. V8 engine. Volvo Amazon: The Complete Story. The Crowood Press UK. Volvo Klassiker.

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